2013 Premiership Flag hoisted at South Barwon Football Club

Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurl the 2013 GFL Premiership Flag

  Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurled the 2013 GFL Premiership flag for the South Barwon Football Club a few weeks ago in front of team mates, family and supporters. With Case pushing on with coaching duties this season when his rehabilitation commitments permit he’ll be sure to be unfurling a few more in the […]

The Swans do it for Casey Tutungi


write your essay for you QUADRIPLEGIC co-coach Casey Tutungi spoke in little more than a whisper to the lads standing with arms laced in a circle of strength around his wheelchair. The summit of an extraordinary season was within view and with a perspective shaped by a life so radically changed he implored them to […]

A dedicated round of Football matches on July 27 for Casey Tutungi


Football communities across Victoria will come together for South Barwon player Casey Tutungi with a dedicated round of matches on July 27. The Geelong Cats’ home night game against St Kilda at Simonds Stadium will be the centrepiece of a money-raising effort organisers hope will involve up to 100 clubs in all of Victoria’s country […]

Casey Tutungi Back Co-Coaching at South Barwon on the Weekend


CASEY Tutungi was back where he feels most at home on Saturday. Back in the inner circle at South Barwon to marshall the troops. The fact that he was in a wheelchair faded to the background for four quarters as Tutungi assumed his position as South Barwon co-coach for the first time since suffering quadriplegia. […]