2013 Premiership Flag hoisted at South Barwon Football Club

Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurl the 2013 GFL Premiership Flag

  Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurled the 2013 GFL Premiership flag for the South Barwon Football Club a few weeks ago in front of team mates, family and supporters. With Case pushing on with coaching duties this season when his rehabilitation commitments permit he’ll be sure to be unfurling a few more in the […]

Sunday Session – The Casey Tutungi Appeal

Sunday November 10 at the Lorne Hotel

There’s a few places that come to mind when you and your mates declare that a Sunday Session is on the cards. The Lorne Hotel is one that ranks pretty highly on most peoples list and coming up on Sunday November 10th there will be one almighty Session going down for Casey. As the weather’s […]

A dedicated round of Football matches on July 27 for Casey Tutungi


Football communities across Victoria will come together for South Barwon player Casey Tutungi with a dedicated round of matches on July 27. The Geelong Cats’ home night game against St Kilda at Simonds Stadium will be the centrepiece of a money-raising effort organisers hope will involve up to 100 clubs in all of Victoria’s country […]