Geelong Football Club’s “AFL Team for a Day”

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Matty Scarlett and Corey Enright took time out to encourage the community to support Casey along with good mates Jack, Jaxson & Jack, (The Triple J’s).

Football clubs around the country are feverishly organising their fundraising efforts for the Casey Tutungi Appeal. Now they have a massive incentive thanks to The Geelong Football Club and their, “AFL Team for a Day”, initiative.

The ten clubs across the state that raise the most money on the weekend of July 27 for the Casey Tutungi Future Fund will go into the draw to win the ultimate local football club experience. The winning club will become an “AFL club for the day” in the 2014 preseason including:

  • 46 players from the club will brought to the Geelong Football Club
  • Team meeting in the players auditorium with Geelong coaching panel
  • Gym session with the Cats conditioning staff
  • Main training session on Simonds Stadium conducted by Chris Scott and entire Cats coaching staff which will be filmed and provided to the club afterwards
  • Lunch prepared by players’ chef Adrian Millman
  • Recovery session including full use of the Cats facilities and massages
  • Full set of Geelong Cats training jumpers for use on the day and beyond
  • Memorabilia pack for the club to use for future fundraising.

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In what can only be described as a huge boost for the Casey Tutungi Appeal, the announcement has given the football community even more enthusiasm if that were possible to drive their fundraising machines into overdrive. More details can be found at the Geelong Football Club website. For  information on how and where to donate go to the Casey Tutungi Appeal donation page.

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