2013 Premiership Flag hoisted at South Barwon Football Club

Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurl the 2013 GFL Premiership Flag

  Casey Tutungi & James Garvey unfurled the 2013 GFL Premiership flag for the South Barwon Football Club a few weeks ago in front of team mates, family and supporters. With Case pushing on with coaching duties this season when his rehabilitation commitments permit he’ll be sure to be unfurling a few more in the […]

Lorne Football Netball Club Fundraising Raffle


The Lorne Football & Netball club are running a huge fundraising effort to support their club. In even bigger news they are going to put 50% of all profits back to the Casey Tutungi Appeal! The raffle will be drawn on 26th April at Lorne Football Club Prizes are listed on the flyer below. $20 per […]

Casey Tutungi’s remarkable recovery on Seven News


Seven News ran a little update on Casey last night, if you didn’t catch it you can watch it here. A young footballer left a quadriplegic after a devastating on-field accident is showing remarkable determination in rehab – vowing to do everything he can to one day walk again. Dean Felton reports.       […]

Casey Tutungi Back Co-Coaching at South Barwon on the Weekend


CASEY Tutungi was back where he feels most at home on Saturday. Back in the inner circle at South Barwon to marshall the troops. The fact that he was in a wheelchair faded to the background for four quarters as Tutungi assumed his position as South Barwon co-coach for the first time since suffering quadriplegia. […]