You Am I Allstars

Bringing the rawk and swagger only Tim Rogers can deliver, You Am I, in support of Casey, will bring Geetroit-Rock-City to it’s knees. Offering a superb, not-to-be-missed ALLSTAR line-up of You Am I and friends, playing a vintage You AM I set with some classics thrown in…90 mins of rock-n’roll indulgence not to be missed!

There’s no denying You Am I’s place in the anatomy of Australian rock and roll. They are Australia’s Replacements, our Kinks – the modest pioneers who embody the spirit, humour and heart of a local scene. Their albums, Hifi Way and Hourly Daily, were the perfect 90’s soundtracks. Worn like a badge of honour, representing a coming-of-age, and pride in our homegrown greatness. All ripped jeans, grandpa’s knits, bed hair and suburban tales. When pubs smelt appropriately like an opp shop, covered in yesterdays beer and ashtrays. Ah, the nostalgia!

Their live show is always a special blend; featuring a little bit of musical history, mixed with today’s fresh musings and a glimpse into You Am I’s creative offerings yet to come.

An interview with Tim Rogers (from Danny Lannen from The Geelong Advertiser):

Mr Rogers

First of all congratulations for what you’re doing for the Concert for Casey.

Sorry to interrupt you but just hoping you might be able to respond to a couple of questions for a follow-up piece promoting this extraordinary show:

YOU’VE stepped up without hesitation for this great cause, had you heard about Casey and his injury and what did you feel for him?

It’s more what DON’T I feel for him. It’s beyond words. There’s immeasurable suffering all over the world, that this accident happened to a man nearby,and we were asked could we do our measly thing of playing music and hoping to raise a little of the huge costs he and his family has incurred…well I just can’t find words. Of bloody course.

THE football community has shown immense heart in its response to Casey’s situation, now there’s a certain power in the coming together of this line-up of great performers in a concert for him. How would you describe it?

One of the better things about playing for decades, and hopefully treating people, for the most part, with some modicum of brother and sisterhood, of making mistakes and gettin back on the horse, sharing, is that when you ask your compadres to get involved they consider it. More honestly, Simon Daly of the Falls Festival is the man behind it. If our silly moniker helps grease some wheels I’m all the happier for it.

I DON’T know if you’ve communicated with Casey, what would your message for him and his family be?

No words. I haven’t experienced what Casey or his family have. I want to do what I do, make a racket, prepare the catering and do what I can with action. The future is unwritten, the mind is so powerful and all we have is love.

THERE’S been a lot of talk about Simonds Stadium increasingly becoming a regular concert venue. How much are you looking forward to `breaking it in?’

I’ll tell you after we play. If its a good show ill get the bloody thing tattooed on my back. I’ve never yet had a good experience there.

AND what would you tell punters they can expect from the You Am I Allstars?

Nothing but heart. It’s an honor to be asked to play. Some surprises no doubt. To live such a lucky life as I/we have we’re grateful to do anything. We want to give something back for our fortune. And playing music is what we do. I’m embarrassed to be thanked for it. Come and enjoy and as a community give a hand to who I’ve heard more than once is a great kid and a warm family who needs some help. It’s about a future.